Adult SEA – Erfolgreich werben mit Google AdsWeedy

Anybody who wants to buy high quality ealy or later comes to Google Ads. In other branches the advertising with Google Ads is common since years.

At the Adult- and Casual Dating verticals, is was impossible to place ads in Google for their restrictions.

Google Ads for adult sites possible

With certain requirements since spring 2019 it’s possible to place ads for Adult Sites. Even the possibilities are not the same like for other branches, but it is possible.

Requirements for Adult oriented ads:

  1. your ads should be not to offensive language
  2. your landingpage should be without naked boobs, pussies or asses.
  3. your monthly revenue with Google should be more than US$ 30.000. Otherwise the inspection affort isn’t economical for Google.

That last point is the crux of the matter. Most site owners are not able to invest US$30k per month for an Ads Cmpaign. Thats the point comes to the game.
With all our customers our monthly budget in Google is over US$100.000.

Why should I pay for an Agency for Google Ads?

When you start advertising in Google, you can burn a lot of money for not converting or too expensive traffic. One wrong adjustment and you can loose hundreds of dollars every day. As is so often the case, the devil lies in the detail. So it’s a better decision to trust in an agency with huge experiences and two decades in the industry.

How much is the management of Google Ads campaigns?

Depending on the term of your contract and your monthly revenue with Google we charge an comission of 12-20% (of your monthly Google Ads revenue)

3 Mon. Term 6 Mon. Term 12 Mon. Term
< 5000,-€ 20 %* 19,7 %* 19 %*
5000-10.000,- € 19,3 %* 18,5 %* 17,5 %
10k-15.000,- € 17,3 %* 16,8 % 15,9 %
15k-20.000,- € 16,3 % 15,8 % 14,5 %
20k-30.000,- € 15,3 % 14,8 % 13,8 %
30k-50.000,- € 14 % 13,5 % 12,5 %
ü. 50.000,- € 12,9 % 12,5 % 12 %

Comission-Rates marked with * coming up with a Setup-Fee of €890,- Please read the following point for explanations.

Why do I need to pay a setup-fee with smaller budgets?

For a detailed pre-analyse and the setup of your Google Ads account we will spend 12-15 hours.

  • Almost every business model is a little bit different. Together with you we define your individual targets. For example Sales, Leads, Traffic or Brand building.
  • We concepting an efficient SEA strategy for you. For this we’ll find and analyse the best fitting keywords and keyphrases.
  • Our high qualified textauthors will write unique and optimized marketing texts

What happen after the Start-Up?

Our SEA-Specialists optimize our clients campaigns daily for different search behavior, saisonal, regional or device specific potentials. Online Marketing is very dynamic, therefore it’s important to have a continiued monitoring and steady optimization.

Reporting for measurements of your success:
In weeky reportings we give our customers a detailed overview what happen in your Google Ads account.

Adult SEA - Google Ads für Erotikseiten

Our SEA services overview

  • Product-analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Audience-Analysis
  • Keyword-Analysis
  • Target definition
  • Campaign structuring
  • Choice of marketing channels
  • Campaign building
  • Adjustment management
  • Budget management
  • Ads designing
  • Offer Management
  • Keyword-Changes
  • Adjustment Optimizing
  • Ad text editing
  • A/B – Tests
  • Permanent Monitoring

weekly summary

monthly reports