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A small adult business story – Who we are?

We are a group of expirienced webworkers from different departments of the adult industry. Our expirience retrograde to the year 1999. We saw all the Up’s and Down’s of the past 14 years of online porn. Our team includes expirienced webmasters, creative webdesigners, cutting edge web developers, graduated literats and qualified online marketing specialists. Not to forget the girls of the accounting.

History of Erotic-Marketing

In the summer of 1999 the founders started up to made some money in the german adult business. To this time the name of the company was “Erotic-Webdesign”. With HTML and animated gifs, we build really basic websites. The common internet speed was reduced to a 56k modem.

We like to remember the time of the “dialers”. You made bugs very easy with less efford. The traffic came from classical TGPs (Traffic Gallery Posts), like the legendary “The Hun – Yellowpages”. But the wonderful time passed by. Suddenly there was a new payment all around. The time of the creditcard and the bankwire transfer began. And by the time all the good traffic sources has died. For good organic traffic you needed Google, MSN, Fireball, Altavista and Yahoo.

In the beginning of the age of search engines, it was really easy to rank in top positions . Maybe you remember the keyword spamming in the bottom of the pages. We just wrote 15 keywords fitting to the theme, for copy and paste 15 times in series. A simple concatenation of keywords was enough for rank always in site one of all the search engines. Also these time passed by. More and more goggle was much more popular than yahoo and all the other search engines.

Almost every month it was harder to hold good ranks. The google algorythm rarefied more and more.

Reason enough to focused the trend of the search enginge marketing sector. But our main business was the webdesign and development for pornsites.

In 2003 we decide to step into another department. Special marketing for the hole german adult industry. Up to 2007 we did a lot of campaigns, for example placing banner ads, up to producing and placing professional TV clip ads for some big players. We grown to one of the business leader in germany. But the german law haven’t made it easy for us. Some pointless regulations for child protection forced a huge part of the german online adult industry to move into other countries. The unwritten law for the escaped german players was: Don’t have any contacts to in germany located companies. That’s why we decide in 2008 to be a part of the Adult Entertainment Group, located in Colombia. This gave us the chance to work again in legal way.
Since this time our services spread around the world. Today we have customers in more than 15 countries!

Now in 2015 we still offer our services to the adult industries. Our main business is SEO, SEA (so far as possible) and Media Buying. Together with our mother company we offer a all-in-one marketing service for the industry. You can ask also for programming, webdesign, individual content production or a consulting. Don’t hesitate to ypeak to us.

Qualität seit 1999